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how to make ripped jeans with a razor

Ripped jean fashion is the next big thing in fashion styles, it was something we thought would have made no sense but now it the talk of the day and it has come to stay once more. After this new fashion resurfaced, it went viral and was everyone's choice although it came with a price but why waste your money in making ripped jeans when you can make one all by your self, how to make ripped jeans with a razor was one of the first methods i could say was easy but as time went on i discovered various ways of making ripped jeans by yourself and this methods would be listed and explained in this post  which includes how to make ripped jeans with scissorshow to make ripped jeans without sandpaperhow to rip jeans at the kneehow to rip jeans and leave the white thread, and at the end of this post you would be able to make ripped jeans with this methods.

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What Is Ripped Jeans?

Take your regular jeans and add a few rips, shreds, scrapes, frays and fades to it. You have yourself a ripped/distressed jeans. We cannot point to who started it, but it was part of the grunge fashion movement, but now they have practically taken over. Jeans, shorts, jackets and you name it—they are all ripped!

What Are Distressed Jeans?

Ripped, distressed or torn—one way or the other they all mean the same. Another thing you can do to make them distressed is taking a darker shade jeans and bleach or sandpaper it to fade it out; to make it seem worn out or distressed. Yes, we are a generation who pay for stuff like this. So don’t get into this loop. Take this DIY ripped jeans project.

How To Make A Ripped Jeans – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

how to rip jeans and leave the white thread

Wondering how to make your own ripped jeans at home? Making a ripped jeans is no rocket science. It’s something that you can do with stuff you already have at home. Just needs a teeny bit of planning, patience, and practice.

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1. Select A Jeans Or Shorts

how to make ripped jeans without sandpaper

Even before you start the process, think of the jeans you could use for this DIY process. Preferably something old, but fits you well (or not). If you are a beginner, then see if you have jeans you already cut into shorts or one that you don’t mind if it goes wrong, just in case.

2. Bring All The Supplies You Will Need

how to make ripped jeans with scissors

Depending on whatever you plan to do with your jeans, you will need to get your supplies in place just so that you do not run to the convenient store mid-way and get distracted. Here’s what you will need.

  • For holes, shreds (one or all of them)—Fabric scissors or utility cutter knife.
  • For removing threads—tweezers.
  • For scrape and frays—razor or scissors.
  • For a distressed look—pumice stone or sandpaper.
  • For marking—marker, tailor’s chalk or just a pen.

3. Start Marking To Rip/Distress Them

how to rip jeans at the knee

The most important step in the process, a place where most of us (beginners) screw up. Decide what you want to do with your jeans and then mark it clearly. It is just an efficient way of doing it. If you are not sure how much is acceptable and where to do what, scroll through to find out. We are about to discuss that.

4. Start Ripping (Distressing)

how to make ripped jeans for men

At this point, you already know what you want to do, and the markup is done. Just start ripping it off or distressing it.

5. Finishing Touches

How to make ripped jeans at home

You’re practically done, just ensure it’s not sloppy, and the finished product looks neatly done.

5 Ways To Make Ripped/Distress Jeans

1. Remove The Threads

How To Make Ripped Jeans - Remove The Threads

Your jeans basically have white threads horizontally and blue threads vertically. I was clueless about this up until the point I did this exercise. So, to get this distressed striped look all you have to do is start tweezing out the vertical blue threads off the patch, you marked earlier. As a first timer, removing the first few threads will be the hardest, but it will loosen up as you progress and it gets much easier.

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2. Fray The Edges

how to make rip jeans with a cheese grater

Fraying the edges is another fun way to distress your jeans. If you are not very experimental, this is a good place to start. It is fashionable, yet not over the top. Cut the end of the jeans or your shorts slightly and start removing threads with a tweezer. You could also scrape the edges off with a razor or sandpaper.

3. Fray The Pockets

How To Make Ripped Jeans - Fray The Pockets

Frayed pockets are subtle and an interesting way to distress your jeans. It adds extra spunk and makes it cool. Just take off the top layer of the pocket, without going too deep. Then, either scrape the surface with a razor or sandpaper or just remove some threads with tweezers.

4. Make Holes

How To Make Ripped Jeans - Make Holes

Making holes to distress your jeans is also a style that is in vogue right now. As a beginner, try smaller holes or if you want to try bigger ones try them closer to the pocket so that you are still covered with the pocket cloth if the hole gets big or awkward. If you are confident, by all means, do it. Cut off the portion with scissors and then fray the edges, or you could just remove threads with a tweezer.

5. Scrape Or Bleach Off

How To Make Ripped Jeans - Scrape Or Bleach Off

Add subtle touches to distress your jeans with a combination of other methods or just as a stand alone. Either way is totally fine. You could add bleach for a faded look or take a pumice stone or sandpaper or even a steel wool and scrape off the parts of the jeans on which you want the faded look.

Where And How To Manage A Ripped Jeans

How To Make A Ripped Jeans - Where And How To Manage A Ripped Jeans

  • Now that you’ve learnt how to scrape, shred and drill holes into your jeans, let’s go over a few things you should know. It is also important to understand how to strike a balance without actually ripping the jeans apart, or making it look like rags. Also, know the best placement for each of these.
  • Unless you prefer to go all out, overdoing the distressed look can leave a bad aftertaste. So, according to the fashion police, two and a half rule (give or take), looks and works best. So, two holes, two shreds, and a scrape is a good starting point. Feel free to tweak it, but this is a good reference for amateurs.
  • Shreds look best in the thigh region, and a couple of inches long is good.
  • Holes usually start on the knee and go up two inches (for obvious reasons). Don’t go overboard with the holes and keep the length to an inch and only as wide as your leg, because they end up showing more skin when you sit. Plus, horizontal ones are better.
  • Scrapes near or above the thigh are great.

Now that you know how to make ripped jeans, what are you waiting for? It’s a very straightforward and a fun DIY project. Go ahead, do it! Plus, the feeling of accomplishing something and showing off to your friends is totally worth it. Take it up and tell us how it turned out. Let us know if you have any questions. Have fun y’all!
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